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    Loading dock Design -


    Designing an effective loading dock involves several components that should be considered.  In order to facilitate an efficient and safe operation, the loading dock design must factor in the layout and dimensions of the docks, the drive approach and apron space, the flow of trucks and the types of trailers that will be serviced, and many other design elements.  All of these considerations will also help determine what loading dock equipment will be most effective for the application.

    At McGuire, we're here to help you through this loading dock planning stage by evaluating your design requirements and guiding you through the equipment options that are available.  This involves selecting the right type of dock levelers with dimensions and capacities that will best fit your requirements.  We'll also help you choose the correct type of vehicle restraint and dock seals that will best accommodate your drive approach and types of trailers to be serviced.

    To get started with the equipment selection for your loading dock planning and design, please email us at info@wbmcguire.com or call us at 800-624-8473 to get in touch with a representative in your area.  Otherwise, please click below for additional resources or to generate a CSI 3-part Specification:

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