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Stop-Tite® Manually Operated Vehicle Restraint

Manual Loading Dock Truck Restraint


The Stop-Tite® M, MML & MAL are all manually activated vehicle restraints via an operate handle.  They have a low profile, non-impact design for wall and driveway mount. All three (3) types have a protective debris guard and a Zinc dichromate finish.


The M version is manual operation and signs only. The MML version is manual operation and a manually operated communication system changed via a selector switch on an internal control panel that sequences the red/green inside/outside lights. The MAL version comes equipped with switching that will automatically sequence the inside/outside red/green lights.  The light communication packages can also be upgraded to the optional iDock Controls with an interactive message display.  The MAL also has a RIG sensor bar that notifies dock workers if the restraint's arm is not securely engaged with the trailer's Rear Impact Guard.  All three (3) versions feature a full one (1) year base warranty on all structural, hydraulic and electrical components.


Now available with   iDock Controls

RIG Sensor Bar

Equipped on the AAL and MAL, the RIG sensor bar ensures dock workers that the restraint is securely engaged to the trailer's Rear Impact Guard.

Ease of Operation to Engage and Restore Restraint

The M (mechanical signs only), MML (mechanical operation & mechanical lights with signs) and MAL (mechanical operation and automatic lights with signs) are all operated with the use of a simple operate handle stored next to the dock door.

Manufactured to Give You Years of Usage

The Stop-Tite® is built to withstand the elements of outside environments.

Concise and Clear Communication Between the Dock Attendant and the Truck Driver

The Red/Green inside/outside communication lights assure your dock attendant and the drivers are kept “in the know” for when it is safe to do any movement at the dock. The MAL version has automatic lights while the MML version is done by the dock attendant.

Stop-Tite Installed

Stop-Tite MAL Truck Restraint Operation

Stop-Tite Restraint Activating Interior Edge Lights

McGuire Restraint Overview

Stop-Tite® Vehicle Restraint Overview

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