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McGuire has been manufacturing loading dock levelers in the USA for decades.  These quality levelers have been proven over the years to be some of the strongest and most reliable levelers on the market, providing a smooth and efficient loading process.  McGuire dock levelers can be activated automatically or mechanically and are available as pit-style, edge-of-dock or vertical storing.  Each leveler type comes in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet any loading dock requirements.


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H Hydraulic Leveler

Hydraulic Dock Levelers


Hydraulic dock levelers are push-button activated and have the highest capacity available. They utilize fully powered raise and lip extension functions with hydraulic cylinders and individual or multi-unit hydraulic pump and motor stations.  They’re also the safest loading dock choice, as these levelers contain in-line velocity fuses to prevent free fall in a truck pull-out situation. 




CA Air-Powered Leveler

Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Air-powered dock levelers are an economical alternative to hydraulic levelers, but are still operated with a push-button activation for ease of use.  They have a mid-range capacity with an air bag or bellows system used to raise and lower the deck.  The CentraAir uses compressed are and doesn't require any electricity in the dock pit.





 MP Mechanical Leveler

Mechanical Dock Levelers


McGuire mechanical dock levelers are an economical solution to basic applications, while still providing strength and durability.  These levelers use a pull chain activation to raise the deck.  The operator then simply walks the deck back down to the bed of a trailer or to a stored position.  McGuire mechanical levelers are equipped with a cam and roller counterbalance system, and a complete range auto-releasing hold down mechanism for full float conditions.


 HED Edge of Dock

Edge-of-Dock Levelers

Edge-of-dock levelers are a great solution for lower budgets.  They mount directly to the dock face and provide a recommended working range of +/-3" and a maximum operating range of +/-5" above or below dock. The units are offered with either mechanical or hydraulic operation.


VSH Vertical Storing Leveler

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

Vertical storing dock levelers are hydraulically operated and offer unmatched environmental control for customers with food storage or temperature sensitive applications. By storing in the vertical position, the VSH Series allows the overhead door to form a perfect seal to the pit floor. VSH Series levelers also  offer improved cleanliness, overhead door protection, increased security, improved productivity, and easy maintenance.