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iDock® Controls

Loading Dock Communication and Controls


Reliable loading dock levelers and vehicle restraints from McGuire can now be equipped with iDock® Controls.  These technologically advanced controls provide an efficient interface with membrane dome button technology for ease of use and an interactive message display for valuable equipment usage, instructions, notifications and other information.  iDock Controls also have a 3-color light communication combined into one large LED light assembly to clearly indicate the conditions of the dock.


iDock Controls can send data to the cloud for you to review with iDock® Connect, a web-based software for loading dock analytics.  This IoT technology allows you to login to your online account at iDockConnect.com and monitor your loading dock activity and equipment usage.  iDock Connect can also send you email or text notifications of certain events that occur at your docks.


iDock Controls

Interactive Message Display

With the iDock Controls Message Display, operators can view equipment and system information, maintenance history, counters, and more.

3-in-1 Light Communication

iDock Controls utilize green, red, and amber lights in one large LED light assembly for a clear indication of the dock conditions and whether its safe to proceed.

Integrated Controls

iDock Controls can operate and interlock a McGuire loading dock leveler and vehicle restraint, as well as an optional door operator and other dock light accessories.

Easily Troubleshoot Faults

LED lights on the controller terminal boards provide a clear indication where to troubleshoot for any faults.

Sequence Instructions

If the operator is attempting to activate equipment out of sequence, the iDock Controls Message Display will provide a clear notification of the next button to press.

Bypass Notification

iDock Controls will indicate if an installed vehicle restraint is unable to secure a trailer's Rear Impact Guard (RIG), and the Message Display will provide instructions on how to enter Bypass Mode if necessary.

Connect to the Cloud

Send data from the controls to your account with iDock Connect, a web-based software for online analytics.

Online Analytics

Login to your online account with iDock Connect and review visual reports of your loading dock activity and efficiency.



  • 12" tall  x  10" wide
  • 14" tall  x  12" wide (Standard)
  • 16" tall  x  14" wide
  • 20" tall  x  16" wide

iDock Controls Video

iDock Video

iDock Controls Configuration

iDock Connect Online Software

iDock Controls Red Light

iDock Controls Amber Light

iDock Controls Interior

iDock Controls with Door Operators

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