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Hold-Tite® Push Button Vehicle Restraint

Loading Dock Truck Restraint


The Hold-Tite® automatic vehicle restraint has push button activation with PLC solid state controls (115V/1PH) and a low profile, non-impact design for wall or driveway mount. Equipped with true positive hydraulic restraining force it virtually eliminates “trailer creep”, a major cause of incidents at the loading dock. It comes standard with auto restore and an amber caution light indicator if a trailer has no RIG (rear impact guard) or a badly damaged RIG. Keyed override for interlock condition and automatic light sequencing to indicate RIG or no RIG are some of the outstanding safety features.


The Hold-Tite® automatic vehicle restrain is built to last with full two (2) year base warranty on structural, hydraulic and electrical components and an additional three (3) years on structural. It also meets all current NHTSA regulations.


Now installed with   iDock Controls

Designed to Accomodate RIG's (Rear Impact Guards) as Outlined in the NHTSA Regulations

The Hold-Tite® restraint is a low profile, non-impact style restraint designed for wall or driveway mounting thus providing flexibility for install while accommodating virtually all RIG designs outlined by the NHTSA regulations.

Easy to Understand Controls to Maximize Performance

Push button activation of all PLC solid state controls with an automatic restore function and amber warning light in the event of missing or badly damaged RIG bar. A passcode over-ride allows usage of restraint in those conditions.

Positive Restraining Force for Zero Running Room

This restraint provides the best possible restriction job of any on the market today. Equipped with true positive hydraulic restraining force via a patented hydraulic cylinder, spring and rack weldment with a restraint shoe it will virtually lock your trailer in place. Don’t settle for less.

Advanced 3-Color Light Communication System

Loading docks are noisy and horns may be missed. The McGuire advanced 3-color light system has an amber caution light easily seen by the dock attendant warning a safe capture has not occurred so they can take appropriate steps to secure the trailer.

Hold-Tite with Light Communication System

Row of Hold-Tite Restraints

Hold-Tite Stored

Operation of Hold-Tite Vehicle Restraint

McGuire Restraint Overview

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