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Dock Alert

Loading Dock Communication System


The McGuire Dock Alert Light Communication System is an easy to use, dependable, and cost effective lighting system that quickly establishes a clear line of communication between truck driver and dock personnel thus reducing the risk of accidents at the loading dock.


The Dock Alert uses flashing red and green lights both inside and outside the building that always flash in opposing mode to inform both  truck driver and forklift operator of the status of the loading or unloading operation.


McGuire’s Dock Alert can be purchased utilizing either manual or automatic activation. The Dock Alert can be integrated into a single control enclosure with your hydraulic or air operated leveler and optional interconnections can assure proper sequence of operation enhancing safety and efficiency at the loading dock.


Now available with   iDock Controls

High Visibility Signs Are a Standard Part of the Dock Alert

A set of standard read and mirrored image read signs that read “Caution. Pull in or out on Green Only” are provided as an added measure of safety with the Dock Alert communication system.

Two Means to Activate the Dock Alert Provides You With a Maximum Flexibility in Design

The standard activation is manually via a “flip” switch activated by the dock attendant on the interior control panel. Usage of an optional solid state sensor can make your light activation automatic.

Exterior Light System Is Designed for Maximum Durability and Visibility

Exterior polypropylene housing will not rust, pit or corrode. The shallow depth of the unit helps to protect from incoming trailers. A yellow housing is highly visible and the usage of integral eyebrow-type sun visors over the red/green lights creates extended visibility.

A means to Safely Communicate Trailer Positioning That Is Cost Effective Yet Dependable

Usage of inside and outside red and green lights that are always in an opposing mode can inform your truck drivers and dock attendants the status of loading and unloading. They come complete with safety signs.

Loading Dock with Exterior Communication

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