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TS101 Fixed Head

Dock Seal

The TS101 foam dock seal with fixed head pad over side pads provides the tightest possible seal between interior & exterior environments for high volume traffic with consistent trailer widths & heights. This three sided seal is still the leading cost effective means to seal a dock door opening. A wide selection of highly durable fabrics and additional wear surfaces are available to maximize durability. A variety of pad width, projections, tapers and bevel shapes assure customer satisfaction.


TS111 — 22 oz. Vinyl ------ Medium usage
TS121 — 40 oz. Vinyl ------ Medium to Heavy usage
TS141 — Truk Flex™ ------ Heavy usage
TS151 — Rough Flex™ --- Medium usage


  • Head pad over side pads
  • 10” projection with 4” dock bumper
  • 22 oz. vinyl base fabric
  • 8’wide x 8’high opening maximizes seal
  • 7’6” between side pads at face
Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure treated lumber, kiln dried before and after treatment.

Tightest Possible Seal

Tightest possible seal between interior and exterior environments while accommodating high volume traffic with consistent trailer widths and heights.

Vented Pads

All pads are vented for air and moisture release with tapered pad bottoms to avoid wear and pinching with full length yellow guide stripes to assist drivers in positioning of trailers.

Durable Fabrics

Wide Selection of highly durable fabrics and wear surfaces to maximize durability.

Mechanical Levelers with TS101 Seals

TS101 Fixed Head Seal

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