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Stop-Tite® Push Button Vehicle Restraint

Automatic Loading Dock Truck Restraint


The Stop-Tite® AAL (automatic operation, automatic lights) vehicle restraint has push button activation (115V/1PH) with a unique dual locking restraint arm to minimize “trailer creep.” It has a low profile, non-impact design for wall or driveway mount. The remote power pack allows choice of mounting location. It can be mounted next to restraint, on the outside wall away from backing trailer, inside a leveler pit or positioned inside the building for ease of service. An override selector switch, audible alarm if no RIG, automatic light sequencing of the red/green inside/outside lights and available interlock terminals are all designed with safety in mind.


The Stop-Tite® AAL comes with a protective debris guard and a Zinc dichromate finish. It features a full one (1) year base warranty on all structural, hydraulic and electrical components. It also meets all current NHTSA regulations.

A Vertical Barrier Restraint With Two Locking Positions

The Stop-Tite® lines of McGuire restraints have a unique dual locking restraint arm to minimize “trailer creep” at the dock. This low profile design is suitable for wall or driveway mounting to enhance your dock choices.

Remote Mount Power Pack for Increased Flexibility

The AAL version (automatic operation & automatic lights) comes with a remote power pack that can be mounted next to the restraint, outside away from a backing trailer, inside a leveler pit or positioned inside the building for ease of service.

Manufactured to Give You Years of Usage

The Stop-Tite® line of restraints comes standard with a protective black and yellow debris guard for the scissors mechanism and an anti-corrosive zinc finish.

Concise and Clear Communication Between the Dock Attendant and the Truck Driver

The Red/Green LED inside/outside lights and signs assure your dock attendant and the drivers are kept “in the know” for when it is safe to do any movement at the dock. We also incorporate an amber caution light in the event a safe capture has not occurred.

Stop-Tites Installed

Stop-Tite with Exterior Communication

Stop-Tite Engaged

Operation of Stop-Tite Vehicle Restraint

StopTite AAL Engaged

StopTite AAL

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